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what will practicing vietnamese for 1000 hours get you?

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tl;dr: enough knowledge to destroy all the confidence you build in the first 500

All tracked time is active, 100% focused on the task at hand.

Passive listening time I estimate at 500 additional hours, mostly not focused on the content. During those hours I'm usually cooking, cleaning, or running with something I already know (an episode I watched before, an audiobook of a chapter I’ve already read, etc) playing in my headphones.

Starting from: English monolingual beta

Current strategy: Consume fiction

Long-term goal: D1 fluency and a paid original fiction publication by 2040

Past updates:

Current level:

Rejected Strategies:

Reflection on last update:

The main thing I’d correct about my last update is my assessment of conversational ability. For some reason at 530 hours, I believed I was having relaxed conversations about a variety of topics with my tutor.

Today my assessment of my conversational ability is far worse. I am an ape.


Video tour of my methods.

I’m currently gunning hard on improving comprehension, and try to keep a daily routine that provides the necessary nutrients.

But also, I get bored easily, so I have a wide variety of activities and a huge library of content and just do what I feel like that day. This is my set:

Time Breakdown:

I use atracker on iOS since it's got a quick interface on apple watch.

Since last post, I dug into my old im messages, calendar events, and youtube history to figure out the categories of my first hours.

Pros/cons of my methods:

On the pro side:

On the con side:


I'm not yet fluent so I have no qualifications to give advice. My next update, which I'll write at 1500 hours, may contain different opinions.

That said, my views now are:

Best of luck to other Vietnamese learners, and see y'all again after 500 more hours!

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